H.265 Encoding

H265 Encoding
That's a compressed H.265 image made from a ProRes4444 source file. The resulting file size is approximately 1% of the source file size yet shows almost no compression artifacts.

Logmar Super 8 camera in the works for 2014

Logmar Camera Inside

This is an image of the prototype of the new Logmar Super 8 camera being built in Denmark, with a scheduled ship date of Spring 2014. It uses a standard Super 8 cartridge, but as you can see the film is pulled out and threaded like a 16mm or 35mm camera. It's got a crystal-governed motor, and there's a pressure plate behind the film and pin registration for a steady image. It has a digital audio recorder onboard as well as a mechanism for syncing audio to film later, tracking when the camera starts and stops.